Is loosing weight Healthy?

Is loosing weight healthy? This question probably raises the eye brows of every concerned person who wishes loose and maintain their wight in a healthy manner.

The benefits of loosing weight for people who are overweight can not be overlooked. Healthy weight loss and maintenance helps you prevent and control many diseases and conditions. 

Overweight people are more prone to the dreaded health problems like high, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, breathing problems and certain cancers. A healthy and optimum weight management will help you avoid all these health problems, improve your looks, give you more energy and also raises your self esteem.
Overweight can easily result to obesity if there situation is not managed. The healthy body requires just enough amount of fats so as to be at its optimum.

losing weigth1There are many factors which can contribute to overweight. Some of these factors include eating behaviors and habits, environment, family history and genetics and the body’s metabolism.

People have gone to the extremes to ensure that they get rid of that extra fat quickly. Some of the ways they use are very unhealthy and are uncalled for. Some of these unhealthy weight loss practices are not permanent and always result to increased weight later in life. Other practices have adverse health effects on the body. These unhealthy weight loss practices should be avoided at all costs.

Energy balance is key in healthy weight loss and maintenance. The amount of energy you get from the food you eat should be proportional to the energy that your body uses for digesting, breathing and being physically active. If the energy ratio is balanced, the body will maintain its weight. However, if there is an imbalance on the ratio, the end result is either weight gain or weight loss.

Natural weight loss practices should be embraced. The 2 main ways of healthy weight loss include:
– Observing a healthy and balanced diet: The daily calorie intake should be significantly reduced(500 calories per day)
– Being physically active on a regular basis: you should limit the time you spend being physically inactive. A moderate intensity activity of 300 minutes per week or more will result in remarkable healthy weight loss and maintenance.
yoga exercise
Is loosing weight healthy? The answer to this question is yes. However, only healthy weight loss practices should be maintained. The results may not be immediate in the short run but will keep you off the uncalled side effects of unapproved products which claim to help you “quickly” loose weight and also gaining the weight in future.