What to Know Before Getting a Lips Augmentation

Cosmetic procedures are various. And although it used to be stigmatized as unsafe and unnatural, the development of medical technology has made cosmetic procedures much safer and less superficial. Tara Reid, Donatella Versace, Jocelyn Wildenstein, and La Toya Jackson are all celebs who live with failed cosmetic procedures.

In this writing, we are not discussing cosmetic procedures that can give a drastic change to a person, but we will talk about the most common one, lips augmentation. This procedure takes more or less two hours to do, and a good result of it is enough to enhance one’s facial beauty significantly. Lips augmentation is also one of the most affordable procedures, so everyone is getting it.

Your lips will still swell

Lips after ProcedureAlthough the lips augmentation is a mildly invasive procedure, your lips are still going to swell after the procedure. It will last for the next 24 to 48 hours. So if you want to get the procedure, you would be better to free yourself from any appointments. But if your schedule cannot be changed, and you have got to have the procedure on the same day, you can wear a masker to conceal your lips.

If you get bruised easily and have sensitive skin, you should consult your condition with the doctor. It will be most likely for your lips to bleed too. But just follow the doctor’s suggestion and you will be good.

Knowing the right fillers

AnaestheticCollagen used to be the common material for lips augmentation. The problem was it could trigger allergic reactions in some people. Collagen in inadvisable for people with a history of allergy to anesthetic and bovine products.

Beauticians these days use Hyaluronic Acid. In addition to its unlikeliness to cause allergy, Hyaluronic Acid is much superior to Collagen. The acid is derived from natural substances that are also in our body. It means our body will not reject the filler and can heal much faster than if using Collagen.

Do your research on the clinic

Remember, lips augmentation is a body modification procedure. If things go wrong, it can affect your health and appearance. Reckless conduct may even result in permanent damage. But this statement is not discouragement. You just need to be careful with whom to trust in the business.

Seek for clinics that have clients testimonies. You can either browse them online or ask directly. It is safer to have the procedure with an experienced clinic that has established an online profile, such as Iconic Medispa. If there is anything wrong, you can leak the story easily. Online businesses count heavily on reputation. Once it is damaged, the business ends.

Have a realistic goal

Increasing Volume in LipsThe last thing you should know is that you should never bring a picture of someone else to the beautician, and ask him/her to make you look like the person in the photo just by a lips augmentation. If you were born with Kat Perry’s lips, you must not expect to have Eva Green’s lips. Lips augmentation does not work like that because a sudden change will harm and ruin your lips.

If you want to add a significant volume to your lips, the procedures will be done several times. It allows the tissues on your lips to gradually adapt to the change. So you must never work with a doctor who promises a bombastic result.