Conditions that Require Oral Surgery

Oral surgery refers to the medical procedure that an individual undergoes to correct the given defect. Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers in Germany. It is mainly caused by the prolonged use of alcohol and tobacco. There are however certain practices and procedures that can cause a change in the oral cavity. Some of these changes include ill-fitting dentures and poor oral hygiene. The Human Papilloma Virus is another emerging cause of oral cancer. Oralchirurgie Köln is in demand because of the dental problems that the people face.

Surgical treatment is one of the procedures done to correct the dental defects. For a patient suffering from the carcinoma of the mouth, he is usually subjected to the knife whereby the neck lymph nodes are removed. The resection of the main tumor is also applied in such circumstances. There is an oral center in Koln that was established to evaluate the predictive and prognostic factors in the treatment of the squamous cell carcinoma. Let us explore the conditions that may need oral surgery


Impacted teeth

The third molars also known as the wisdom teeth are usually the last set of teeth to grow. Usually, the wisdom teeth jjhjhjhjhjhare supposed to emerge from the gum line since the jaw is large enough to allow them. However, this is generally not the case all the time. At times, the wisdom teeth may fail to grow in the proper alignment or may fail to emerge fully through the gum line. This usually leads to it being impacted or entrapped between the gum tissue and the jawbone.

The impacted third molars may result in pain, swelling and infection of the gum tissue that surrounds the wisdom teeth. Moreover, the impacted third molars may cause permanent damage to the nearby bone, gums, and teeth. Dentist therefore usually recommend that person with the impacted third molars should undergo the oral surgical procedure.

Tooth loss

The dental implant is one of the solutions for individuals who have lost their teeth as a result of an infection or an accident. They are alternatives to the dentures and the bridges. The dental implants are usually surgically implanted in the jawbone so as to stabilize the artificial teeth to which they are normally attached.

Unequal jaw growth

ghghghghgUnequal jaw growth is another condition that may require oral surgery. There are cases whereby the lower and upper jaws may not grow properly. This usually leads to difficulty in breathing, swallowing, eating, and speaking. Such individuals may need to undergo oral surgery to correct the imbalance.