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5 Simple Answers on How to Stay Fit

Wondering how to stay fit? Fitness is a lifestyle. It’s not a temporary state of mind. Staying fit needs motivation, dedication, and strong will. Let’s look at some ways to stay fit in a time-crunched lifestyle.

Fitness_KurpeDiem1. Walk every day: Walking doesn’t need to be a scheduled exercise routine. It can be as simple as ditching the newspaper delivery guy and walking to a newspaper vendor a little further off to pick it up every day. Eventually, you might also push the bar and jog or run to the newspaper stand.

2. Eat Healthy: Eating healthy can come a lot simple than you can imagine. Plan your food to the last bite right from the beginning of a week and shop accordingly. If you have a kitchen scale, nothing like it. So, if you plan on 80 grams of chicken daily, portion it out over the weekend. Pre-portioning will stop you from overindulging when cooking and you will land up eating a planned, healthy, and balanced meal.

3. Meditate: Staying fit is only about the body, but also of the mind. A healthy person should have a fit mind as well. Meditation doesn’t only refer to yogis sitting in a lotus pose. It’s about finding 10 minutes a day to gather all your thoughts and empty your mind to relax your body. You can choose to search for a guided meditation video online or just play your favourite soothing music and enjoy some silence of mind.

...Is for Victory4. Resist temptations: It’s easy to say yes to every temptation that comes your way. But if you mean business, saying no will come in handy. A drink, a bite of brownie, a sip of your favourite milkshake can all add to the pounds. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sit back and relax. It only means that you should find alternatives to your relaxation and make up for it as soon as you can. There should be a constant calculation in your head about calories consumed and calories burned.

5. Socialize Healthy: What you are, depends on who you are with. If you want to stay fit and healthy, start motivating your friends and family and becoming part of groups where healthy living is a primary requirement. Every city has running groups, trekking groups, and groups who enjoy working out together. If being motivated is an issue, it will help being around people who are already motivated to stay fit.

It’s a very fulfilling feeling to achieve goals that you create for yourself. Once you achieve your fitness goals, even you will be able to share your tips on how to stay fit.

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