Starting Your Day with Simple Healthy Breakfasts

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can keep your energy as well concentration levels up. Breakfast means to ‘break the fast’ thus it is an important meal of the day in order to prepare the body for the day’s activities.

Chiropractor 05Missing breakfast can cause you to be unproductive since you will not have plenty of energy to get you going for the day. Moreover, breakfast is associated with several health advantages including improved performance and weight control.

It is recommended to eat a healthy breakfast though. There are those who are satisfied starting their day with doughnuts or biscuits and coffee; however, these are not enough. It is best that you prepare a diet that’s complete of nutrition with high nutrients, minerals and vitamin content.

As for the students, breakfast will boost their concentration and performance inside the classroom, while for workers they will do great in the office. An individual will have more endurance and strength for doing physical activities and they can benefit from lower cholesterol levels when they eat breakfast.

It is important for everyone to eat breakfast. Children and the adolescents, in particular, should not miss breakfast. As revealed by the American Dietetic Association, children who don’t skip breakfast have a good performance in the classroom as well as the playground and they have better eye-hand coordination, better concentration and problem-solving skills.

Also, as observed in different studies in children and adults, those who eat breakfast have lesser weight than those who are skipping breakfast. This is because of the theory that not missing a healthy breakfast reduces the hunger for the day and it can cause individuals to make good choices of food during the other meals.

Probably, you have thought of skipping breakfast in order to avoid some calories; however, this strategy is not effective and recommended. The breakfast-skippers get hungrier and they tend to eat more during lunch and dinner and in between.

xmosds9In many studies, those who are not skipping breakfast are able to control their weight because they are able to make wise food choices and they are able to balance their calories with physical activities. Most studies noticed that weight control was achieved through the consumption of healthy breakfast like whole grains and protein and not those with plenty of calories and fats. So, eating a simple healthy breakfast can help improve your attitude throughout the day, prevent obesity, help brain function and kick start your metabolism.

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Author: Raymond Perez

Hello everyone my name is Raymond and I used to
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