Education For Indigo Children

It is clear that those with Indigo Children qualities have a problem navigating their way through the traditional schooling system. This had been an issue considering that the mid-seventies when these children began appearing in droves. A great deal of them had their creativity suppressed.

Many were provided medication instead of having their problems understood. Numerous young lives spun out of Indigo Children 03control and into addictive habits, as is frequently the case when intuitive are disconnected from the sources of their light and inspiration from society.

The concern is should you keep your indigo child in a public school? Remember that nowadays things are not as bad for Indigo children as they were in the seventies and eighties. More teachers know that they are around, and there is also an awareness that these kids can not all be diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. The hyperactivity, creativity and hostility displayed by these kids when their potential is not acknowledged are being attended to in some public schools with new programs. These kids are becoming more of a stress on the routine school system, and more alternative schools are beginning to exist to deal with these brilliant, angry youngsters. It is also crucial to keep in mind that not all public schools are bad for Indigo children. Many exist out there that do have advanced methods of dealing with youngsters that do not seem to fit in. Indigo Children 02Naturally these schools lie in richer locations of the world. The Indigo child that is trapped in a ghetto is frequently an upset youngster as these kids were born to effect change, and the youngster can see no way out or making the world much better as predestined.

The most popular approach to informing Indigo children is home education. There are many types of home education readily available but among the most popular is called Enki Education, which focuses a multi-cultural and creative technique to learning. The idea here is to cater to the fact that these kids are more visual than spoken or literary and develop that Indigo quality as a strength that they can use in life.

A similar system is called the Waldorf education. In some communities Waldorf methods can just be house schooled and in others there are entire centers offered that are run by communities of parents who simply do not wish to see their kids in the conventional public or independent school systems.

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Author: Raymond Perez

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